The Hard Stuff: Tonor TC-777 Microphone

The folks at Tonor, a little while back, cold-emailed me and kindly asked if I’d like to review their all-in one USB mic solution, the TC-777. While I did love my Blue Yeti, and now on an Elgato Wave:3, I’m not opposed to trying new things, so I agreed. I’ve now spent a bit of time with the mic, as you can see below in the videos, and am ready to share my thoughts.

As an introductory mic to those new to streaming or podcasting, or those who are working/teaching/creating solely from home, and want something better than a crap laptop mic, this is a pretty dang nice option. For around $40, you get a nice mic with a build in tripod stand and pop filter, stuff you usually have to buy separately with other mics. While it doesn’t sound as good as my Yeti or Wave:3, that’s not really a fair comparison either since they’re much more expensive.

I’d say if you’re on a budget, and just starting out as a content creator, or need something better than a crappy laptop/Chromebook mic, this will definitely do in a pinch. It’s super easy to set up and use and sounds pretty dang good for its price point. I think it would work in a pinch in nearly any situation, from content creation to Zoom meetings and beyond, so if you need an affordable, all-in-one mic solution, you should check it out. Thanks for reading/watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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