SGJ Podcast #89 – Random Show is Random

Podcast is as Random as This Picture...
This Podcast is as Random as This Picture…

Welcome to the first Space Game Junkie Podcast of 2015 my friends! Since we both took some time off during the holidays, in this podcast Jim and I shoot the sh#t as it were, catching up on stuff, talking about stuff we’ve been playing and looking forward to and so on. It was a fun talk, so I hope it makes a fun show for y’all. ;)

Next week we’ll be talking StarDrive 2 with its developer, Daniel DiCicco! As always, if you have a suggestion for a guest or topic, please hit us up at Thanks for listening!

Author: Brian Rubin

12 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #89 – Random Show is Random

    1. What’s the time stamp regarding the game? I’ll listen and try to suss it out.

      1. Time Stamp: 38:44
        Jim says he has a game completed but not green lighted…but I never hear him say the name of his game.

        1. Ohhh, he’s helping do promotion for a game called Apollo4X, which you can currently snag on GamersGate.

  1. Interesting Green Light discussion. Should I jump to get mine green lit now before they close it or is the service such junk there is no reason… I just didn’t think there were enough explosions to get it Greenlit and I haven’t gotten through all the older SGJ podcasts research I was planning before release. Also once you master Zazzle, you can set up an SGJ Greenlight and sell space games off your site. A sure way to compromise one’s journalistic integrity…

    1. Hey Brian, Sorry if that last comment sounded like critique, I was just thinking out loud and brainstorming after listening to your talk of raising money. I used to run a site about the DC Beer scene and I always struggled with reviewing bars and beers and then trying to get advertisers and promotions while worrying about people thinking I was saying something was cool because I might be getting some money from the business. So I hope that last comment didn’t come off wrong…I enjoy the site and podcast so was just trying to help out.

  2. That was a nice refreshing random talks there. Definitely will check Jim’s game. BTW, made myself a New Year present – a Thrustmaster Hotas-X. Never had a joystick in my life, so guessed 38 year is a good year to start learning. Finally jumped into Independence war for the first time and it’s great! Will try with XvT as well soon.

    Funny thing, I remember you were complaining in your second (I think) podcast, almost two years ago, how space games a pretty dead at the moment and why is that happened.
    And now I hear you say “what was it? Another new space game on Greenlight… hmm, never heard of this one”. Who can have imagined in early 2013 that we will be so knee-deep in space gamie things just in couple of years, that even Brian cannot keep track of all of them! Boy, aren’t we live in interesting times!

    1. Congrats on your HOTAS. :) Games like Independence War and such are SO MUCH BETTER with one, totally. And yeah, who could’ve seen this resurgence in space gaming coming? Not me, for sure.

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