Arvoch Alliance – Dead Again…and Again…and Again…and One More Time…

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Once Again, This Happened

I saw this screen a lot...

At the end of the last article covering Arvoch Alliance, Lieutenant Veloxi kept dying repeatedly during the forth mission, entitled “Springing the Trap”. Read on to find out how I got passed that mission, and why the remainder of my six hours with the game reminded me of an old Dane Cook bit. Don’t worry, it was back when he was funny.

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Arvoch Alliance Released! OMG New Space Sim Yay! ;)

Nice explosion from Arvoch Alliance!

Ship go boom! :)

A little while back, if you recall, I had a Q&A with Shawn over at Star Wraith 3D Games (part 1, part 2) — you know, the fella behind the Evochron games – in which we touched upon all manner of subjects. One thing we DIDN’T touch on, however, were any upcoming games, so you can imagine my surprise when I got a newsletter from SW3D announcing the release of an entirely new game!

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Starting in Space Games: Where to Begin?

Space game newbie? Let me help!

Climb aboard, newbie! :)

Someone who goes by the name of “kerzain” on my favorite forum, Quarter to Three, hit me up with this idea, so I’ve gotta give credit and all that. :)

What if you were new to space games, and had no idea where to begin? What if you saw all of the available space games that have come before and had no idea which ones were good, bad, accessible, fun or anything else? Well, I’m here to help. I’ve tried to think and do research on which games I would give to someone just starting out in space gaming, depending on what kind of game they were looking for, and I’ve come up with six different categories and games to go with them.

So if you’re new to space gaming, and would like to know which games are great starting points for their respective types of gameplay, read on my friend. Hopefully you’ll be enlightened by what you find.

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What is Your Ideal Space Game?

My's full of space gaming goodness...

My ideal space game is made of dreams and starlight...

We all have dreams, things we’d like to do, see, accomplish, experience, etc. As space games have taken up a huge chunk of my life, I’ve long had the idea in my head of what my ideal space game would be, and have been dreaming of it actually being made someday. Some games have come close in one way or another, but none have ever matched what I wanted for my ideal game. What makes up this ideal game, you ask? Click below to find out…

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Shawn of Star Wraith 3D Games Interview Part One – Creativity, Design and Inspiration

Star Wraith 3D Games Logo

Star Wraith has been making indie space sims for over a decade.

I’ve been a fan of the Star Wraith games and all of its follow ups since the original game was released in 2000 (you can read my ancient review of the game here). Little did I know at the time that the game’s creator, Shawn of Star Wraith 3D Games, had been creating space games since the late 1980′s.

As both a fan of Shawn’s games and a fan of the genre we both have been part of for over two decades now, I decided to send Shawn some questions about his games and the genre we both love so much. Click below to read part one of the interview in which Shawn discusses his background, the philosophies that go into his game, his creative process and more.

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