New Freespace Open Installer Launched!

Just a Taste of What the SCP is Capable Of...

Just a Taste of What the SCP is Capable Of…

If you recall from our podcast on the Freespace Source Code Project a couple of weeks ago, there was some chatter on the old version of the FSO Installer. The FSO Installer is a great way to quickly install all the fun stuff you need to run the SCP with Freespace 2, and lo and behold there’s now a new version! This new version includes the exectionables and MediaVPs you’ll need, along with mods and the like, and even will install your downloaded copy of Freespace 2 from GOG for you in the process. It looks pretty cool, so if you’ve been looking to give the Freespace SCP a try but were a bit intimidated, this should help immensely. Read all about the new version over on Hard Light, and enjoy!

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  1. SpaceEnthusiast says

    Heh heh, it would come out three days after I aim to play Freespace 2 for the first time and jump through the manual hoops.

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