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Space Game Junkie Podcast #115 – Defect – Build It, Then Lose It

Welcome to the Space Game Junkie Podcast! In this episode, Jim, Hunter and I talk to Drew Morrow, designer/artist at Three Phase Interactive about their current build-it-and-lose-it space combat and adventure game, Defect. In the episode, we not only talk about the game, but movies, the differences between Australian and American culture, and much more. It’s a… Read More »

Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 10/7/13: The Finding Balance Edition…

Hey guys, how are y’all? Me, I think I’m coming down with something, blech. Speaking of blech, there is sadly no way I have the time or energy to get all caught up on the nearly 200 pieces of news that happened over the last couple of weeks, and for that I apologize. While I… Read More »