Let’s Play Interstellaria – Entry 3 – Getting Whooooooped

Combat in a Nebula!
Combat in a Nebula!

Welcome back to Interstellaria my friends! In this installment, I take my first step into a larger world and MAN to I get whooped in the behind for it. In the course of a couple of very tense battles — and I really like that they’re tense, mind you — we lost our first and most experienced crew member! I like how the game doesn’t end, but forces you to crawl back from setbacks like that, as when you lose a crew member, you not only lose someone to man a station, but that individual’s experience and equipment, so it’s a fairly big deal. On the upside, the spoils from the battles includes a lot of loot to use and sell, so glass half full? Maybe? Overall, still having a fantastic time. Thanks for watching!

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