Particle Fleet: Emergence – So Much Red – Let’s Play Entry 1


Welcome to Particle Fleet: Emergence, my friends! This is the latest game from the folks who brought us the Creeper World series of RTS/tower defense games. This latest game, which takes place in the same universe, takes you from planet to stars, as you’re the CEO of a fleet of ships trying to get to the bottom of the Particulate secret threat to humanity. In this first entry, I fail so bad at making a ship, but that’s okay because the story mode includes its own, yay (or you can use your own if you wish, apparently). I play the first three missions of the story campaign, and have a great time. There’s a lot to manage, but the active pause makes it not-too-difficult, and there’s always a next objective to move toward. So far I’m really enjoying this.

Author: Brian Rubin

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