Kinetic Void – Toss it Back in the Void

Am I Doing This Right?!
Am I Doing This Right?!

As one of the early Kickstarter space game successes back in 2012, there was a lot of hope riding on Kinetic Void. At the time, it was a cool ship designer and little else, but backers such as myself figured hey, more content was coming, right?

Fast forward to 2014, and the game surprisingly exits its Early Access phase and becomes a full-fledged product. What can you expect if you somehow purchased Kinetic Void today? A cool ship designer and little else. I’ve followed this game throughout its development, and while the ship designer was always nifty, there was little to no actual content in the game itself, giving one little to no reason to play, I felt.

Well, sadly, this hasn’t changed with the full version, and it’s as obtuse and empty as it was every time I tried it throughout its Early Access cycle. I hope you have more fun watching this video than I had playing it.

Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “Kinetic Void – Toss it Back in the Void

  1. Have bought it myself when it became first available and couldn’t motivate myself to play it more than 5 minutes. I guess my hope lies now with Limit Theory.

  2. Yeah. My opinion may be more charitable than Brian’s, but I also feel the game is a good ship builder that really struggles to find a use for the ships you designed.

    Still, that’s the problem with backing all of spacey Kickstarters. Sometimes you win (Void Destroyer, Elite, Strike Suit Zero, LT), sometimes… not so much (Kinetic Void), and sometimes you just bang your head on the wall hoping the trauma will make you forget (Starlight Inception).

    On the plus side, X:Rebirth is actually a pretty decent game now! Seriously!
    And it’s not just trauma from repeated head banging talking.

    1. Here’s my reaction to reading your comment:


      On the plus side, X:Rebirth is actually a pretty decent game now! Seriously!

      *brain shuts down, all I hear is Charlie Brown teachers*

      1. I know, right? Surely it’s the sign of the End Times. Cats and dogs living with each other, elder things coming for tea, and Rebirth starting to be kinda fun.

        Stock up on potatoes and bacon, one more portent (my bet is on “next patch adds actual gameplay to Endless Space”) and it’s the Apocalypse!

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