Well I’ll Be Damned: GOG Gets Privateer II: The Darkening (also 50% Off All Wing Commander Games)


I’ve said a lot about Privateer II: The Darkening in my time, most of it negative. Compared to the original Privateer (and many other open worldy spacey games), it’s absolute bollocks, but it does have an interesting place in the history of space gaming, with its exceptional cast of actors and its polarizing gameplay (people seem to love or hate it, there’s little in-between). Welp, now you can see what all the hubbub is about, bub, because GOG now has the game for only $5.99.

In celebration (I think? What?) for Privateer II being released, they’re also having a promo on all of their other Wing Commander games, so jump on it if you don’t already have ’em!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Well I’ll Be Damned: GOG Gets Privateer II: The Darkening (also 50% Off All Wing Commander Games)

  1. Wouldn’t say it’s a great game (not exactly good, either) but hey – might be fun to replay it all these years and see Christopher Walken and Clive Over hamming it up ;).

    1. Personally, I know I approached it not only as if it were an actual Privateer sequel (which it isn’t, really), but also in comparison to all the other space games at the time. I’ll be interesting to revisit it and see if my opinion of it changes given the benefits of time and age.

  2. This is the game, that made me switch from Amiga to PC. (Thankfully I didn’t sell my A1200 !!!!). I really liked it. And I replayed a couple of years back, since I reviewed it in a retro gaming fanzine. And I still liked it :).

  3. The only space game I played before it was tie fighter…
    So with that background, it was so very different (and advanced in some ways) that I quite enjoyed it.
    Though later when I played the first Privateer I realized why it wasn’t as good.
    but to be honest, I loved the story, actors, and all around feel of the universe.

  4. I enjoyed it back in the day and will play it again. Love to hear those pirates squeal & Matilda May made an impression from Lifeforce.

  5. Completely unrelated (well, “space sims + sales” related): Egosoft bundle just appeared on Humble Weekly Sale.

    For just $6 you can get everything from X-BTF to X3: Albion, plus Albion and Rebirth soundtracks.
    To quote Brian: Yaaaaayy!

    [granted, I already have X3 and X3: Albion, but soundtracks made me buy it anyway ;)]

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