Status Update: So Tired…

OMG so tired...
This Has Been Me Lately…

Hey friends, I just wanted to give y’all an update as to why things have been so quiet around here of late. About two months ago, the company I work for asked me to morph my position into something involving a lot more coding and development, eventually to become entirely focused on coding. This means I’ve been spending a lot of time and mental energy learning new code, new skills, refreshing old skills I’d not used in a while and so on. I love the challenge, but it’s really exhausting. It’s also super stressful, to be honest, as I’d really like to keep my job if I can, you know?

Adding to that, I’m in a fitness challenge every month, and each month or two I try to increase the challenge level. This month it’s trying to get 8,000 steps every day, plus five days which include thirty minutes of increased activity such as time on the treadmill or jugging in place. This began last week, and according to Fitbit, I walked ten more miles last week than I did the week before. That’s a LOT.

What this all ultimately means is, that for the next few months or so, we might run into more weeks wherein I don’t have the energy to do my usual weekly videos, such as this week. I hope this doesn’t happen often, as I’m gonna try to get more sleep and adapt to this new reality, but for right now, content might be slight for a spell. I thank you for your patience during these times, and hope you’ll continue to tune in to our weekly podcast and livestreams, as those should be unaffected (hopefully). Thanks for reading this, my friends, and I’ll see you around soon.

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  1. Makl says:

    Stay strong and level up broman. Best wishes!

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