So……What Should I Do With It?

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Hey folks! How are ya? I’m chiming in because a while back I signed up for a SGJ channel because… is popular and…it seemed like the thing to do, you know? However, I’ve been putting all my videos on YouTube because they’ve mostly been solitary affairs. However, with the release of Privateer 2 the other day, I had a thought…maybe I could play Privateer 2 a bit on and we can all revisit how awful (or awesome, depending on your POV) it is/was. ;) What do ya think?

Alternatively, is there something else you’d like to see on I’m totally open to suggestions because I’ve not really been sure what to do with the thing…

Thanks y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “So……What Should I Do With It?

  1. could use more space games for sure, interaction with chat is fun too. It does take time though to build viewers but I’ll tune in if you’ll be streaming in my timezone.

  2. Hey man. Personally, I must confess I don’t have time even to listen to your podcasts, unfortunately, so not sure I’ll be a regular viewer of the channel.
    But I believe some things like 1st look at some betas you get would be great.
    And of course some Star Citizen footage when it finnaly comes out :) BTW I got my Origin 300? Thinking to upgrade to Hornet later. So you got at least 1 escort wingman, Brian :)

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