Flatspace and Flatspace II on Sale at IndieGameStand

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6 Responses

  1. Stian says:

    Heads up: Flatspace and Flatspace II works rather horribly on new computers. Input lag on medium-high end computers, and will not work at all if two monitors are connected. The last issue is fixed by disabling all monitors apart from one. Slightly annoying, but it’s an old game after all. It supports almost no normal resolutions (not even 1920×1080).

    Lastly, this is just Flatspace I and Flatspace II, not Flatspace IIk which is the newest in the series.(which seems like more of an expansion pack).

    • Stian says:

      Alright, did some more research on the whole Flatspace II vs IIk, and it seems like IIk just has an item editor and full soundtrack included, but most or all new features are included in Flatspace II. At least that’s what it looks like.

  2. Aw yeah, Flatspace!! I hope the Flatspace guy sees this and know that just the mention of Flatspace makes people go AW YEAH FLATSPACE

  3. vyshka says:

    I was able to get it working on my dual monitor system by just going into the config file and setting the resolution to the resolution of one of the monitors.

  4. Ben says:

    Man, Flatspace was always a game I really wanted to love but never quite got there. And Stian is correct that it kinda plays like poo-poo on newer computers, so until Flatspace 3 comes out, the lovefest will have to continue to wait.

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