Spacey Gamey News and Deals – 12/3-4/12

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Hey y’all, happy Tuesday! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! Busy with work and life stuff, took my whooooooole day. Seriously though, lots of things and stuff happened since last Friday, so let’s jump into the deep end (unless you’re already there, of course).

Now, to deals! Of which there are MANY! First, while GamersGate sales sometimes make sense, the one they have now is just all over the place, but you can get the following:

You can also get Galaxy on Fire II HD on Green Man Gaming for $4.99. The BEST deal, though, is you can get Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space for WHATEVER PRICE YOU WANT over on IndieGameStand, so get it. NOW! Second best deal is the Endless Space soundtrack, also pay what you want. There’s also some new bundle thing called Bundle in a Box, wherein you get to vote for a game to get an Indie Developer Grant, and BorderSpace is up, so chip in and help ‘em out if ya can.

Finally, in non-spacey gamey news, there’s a cool video called Kickstarter and NextGen Game Fundraising that’s quite cool, I suggest y’all check it out.

That’s it! Now read it and go! I need a nap! ;) *collapses*

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Lots of Spacey Gamey Deals on GamersGate!

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Plenty of Spacey Games for Sale on GamersGate!

GamersGate has a ton of spacey game deals, including:

For my money, the best deals there are for Master of Orion II, Sword of the Stars Complete and Space Rangers 2: Reboot, but many of those are great games. Enjoy!!


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