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Armada Online Kickstarter Relaunched as Armada Engine

Hey y’all, remember a little while back when the folks behind Armada launched a Kickstarter campaign? Welp, for varied reasons, the gents behind Armada Online canceled that campaign and launched another, Armada Engine. I’ll let the gentlemen explain: Roger and I made Armada … Continue reading

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Armada Online Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now y’all should know about my insane love for Armada on the Dreamcast, as it’s truly a remarkable space-based action RPG that I still play to this day. Several years ago, the folks behind Armada launched the PC-based follow-up, Armada Online, and … Continue reading

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Consolification: Armada for the Sega Dreamcast

So my history with console games is VERY scattered (why do you think this blog focuses mostly on computer-based games?). I had all the Ataris up to the 5200, as well as the Vectrex and so on, but when I … Continue reading

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