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Hailing Frequencies Open – 3/31/17 – Sliding Into the Weekend

OMG it’s finally Friday y’all! Yay! Happy freaking Friday! Yay again! To end out the week, the last Battle for Orion 2 video shows off the game’s battle generator, which is a great way to get into a match if you don’t feel like making your own map. Overall, I was surprised by Battle for… Read More »

Hailing Frequencies Open – 3/30/17 – Stellar Cartography

Hey everyone, happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here, Huzzah!!!! That means two more videos for this week’s game of the week, Battle for Orion 2. As you may recall from the last entry, I was horribly demoralized after getting whomped in the campaign. This was due to the AI’s ability to build defensive turrets,… Read More »