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Planetship – A Whole Lot of Fun WTF

On 2/8/15, I streamed a ton of games on Twitch, one of which was Planetship, a new game on Steam in which you fly a whole freaking planet. The game involves a psychadelic trip through multiple solar systems looking for a new home for your people. On the way you’ll fight other planets and scrounge… Read More »

Spacey Game News and Deals 7/1/14: Brace for Impact!!

Helloooo my friends, and welcome to…*gasp*…the news!! It’s been a while since I did one of these, and for good reason! I’ve been buuuuuuuusy, not only making new content for the site in videos and such, but also with work and life! I’ve said I’ll do these posts as I’m able, and lookit, right now… Read More »

A Few Little Spacey Tidbits

Hey y’all, still mired under work and moving stuff, but a few cool things have come to my attention that I wanted to help make y’all aware of. :) You can now pre-order the upcoming AI War expansion, Ancient Shadows! The second Star Command kickstarter was successfully funded this morning, so it’ll be coming to the PC, and… Read More »