Tag: Planetary Prospectors: A.R.M.

SGJ Podcast #141 – Planetary Prospectors A.R.M.

Hello folks, and welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast. In this episode, Jim, Hunter and I sit down with Nefarious Dimensions’ Clinton Bowman about their upcoming space mining simulation, Planetary Prospectors A.R.M.. We has a good discussion, but technically, we had problems the entire evening. First off, we’ve switched to Mumble for […]

SGJ Podcast #140 – Tharsis

Welcome to the Space Game Junkie Podcast my friends! In this episode, Jim, Hunter and I sit down with Producer Matt Hickman of Choice Provisions about their crew and risk management Earth-to-Mars space game, Tharsis! This is a game that’s garnered a lot of emotion on the part of its players as well, moreso than most […]