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SGJ Podcast #232 – Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator

Welcome to this episode of the Podcast y’all! This week, Jim, Hunter, Spaz and I sit down with David Hernly, Founder and CEO of Mythric Studios, to talk about (and play) his starship bridge simulator game, Starship Horizons! Due to the multiplayer nature of this game, we thought it might be fun to actually play it,… Read More »

SGJ Podcast #152 – Vendetta Online

Welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie podcast, my friends! This week, Jim, Hunter and I sit down with John Bergman, Founder and CEO of Guild Software, and one of the co-creators of the long-running space MMO, Vendetta Online! This game has been around since 2002 (it hit retail in 2004), and is one… Read More »

The News Cannon for 1/8/15: The OMG-What-Happened-to-the-Last-Couple-of-Days Edition

Hey folks, happy Thursday! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday (and maybe the day before too), but it turned out to be a WACKY CRAZY day in many ways, and I just ran out of time and energy. I’m back with a bit of extra news to make up for it, so let’s dive… Read More »

Spacey Game News 7/31/13: Bye Bye July Edition

    Helllllooo everyone, and happy Wednesday! Can y’all believe July is over already?! Where the heck did it go? Anyway, how’s your week going? Mine’s been kinda weird, started off with a sick day and just been tired ever since. Blah. I have enough energy for news though, so let’s get to it! Eterium… Read More »