Poetry Contest Winner Announced!


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Congrats to The Winner!!

So yesterday was the last day to enter the poetry contest. Sadly we didn’t have many entries, but the entry that won was by Blips for the following:

Bright and red the engines pulsed and roared;
Overhead the metal birds woke and soared;
In the dark a proud Captain spoke calm but hard;
A mission stark amongst the spaces starred;
The grim faces watched the array of screens;
Distances measured by digital means;
The numbers shortened and orders rang out;
Gunners take aim and bring our long guns about;
Metal flew tearing explosions along hulls;
Ships drew close and the chaos suffered no lulls;
After hours the battle sputtered to an end;
The powers faded with the crews beyond mend;
And even today the broken fleets still drift;
Tempting pay if you can brave the bodies stiff;

I chose this one because it invoked mental imagery of space combat as I read it, which is well worth a win in my book. Thanks to everyone who entered! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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