Spacey Gamey Post-Christmas 2012 News and Deals

News Brick

I Will Throw This Brick of News Through All of Your Windows! ;)

Hey y’all, happy Wednesday, and welcome back from Christmas break (if you had one, that is)! How was everyone’s holiday, and what did y’all get? ;) Mine was awesome, and I hope yours was too! Now with that said, let’s see what’s happened over the break…

In non-spacey game news, the folks behind AI War, Arcen Games, have released the beta for their 2.0 version of A Valley Without Wind. All existing owners of AVWW get 2.0 for free, and you can get ‘em both right now on Steam for just $5.99, which is an amazing deal. I put a decent amount of time into AVWW and found it a ton of fun, so I can’t wait for the sequel.

Finally, in deals, Get Games is having their Cheap as Chips sale and you can get Star Wolves, Star Wolves 2 and Star Wolves 3: Civil War for $2.70 each, the chepest I’ve ever seen ‘em, and totally worth it. :)

That’s it for today folks! I hope y’all have a lovely day, and I thank you for visiting and reading, as always! :)

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Happy 50th Birthday Space Games: A Look at How Far We’ve Come

SpaceWar! In Action

50 Years Ago, Spacewar! Was Born!

I recently realized that Spacewar! was first released in 1962, fifty years ago. In looking at the game’s Wikipedia entry, the first operational version of the game was released in February, while the version we’ve come to know and love was released in April. Therefore, I’d say now is good enough a time as any to say happy 50th birthday to space gaming, and to look back at how far we’ve come since the very beginning…

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Space I – Trading My Life Away to a Conclusion

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Space I Review

Ah, the glamorous life of a space trader...

If you recall at the end of the last article on Space I, I had a pretty big “WTF” moment. If you recall, I’ve stated that I use my own name in games, to add to the immersion, and the same is true here. Earlier I had named my character after myself, and after a long and fruitful career of exploring and trading, I got my character killed in the “First Blood” portion of the game. This involves some sort of Thunderdome-style combat, but doesn’t have spaceships, so I won’t be covering it here. It’s also not very good.

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Space I – A Whole New World…

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Space I Review
Making a choice of which planet to explore...

Planet RT48V12W, here we come!

After getting my education from the army, I decided to be an explorer! In Space I, when you go through a “landing sequence”, all this entails is a black screen with a loud beep going faster and faster until you land. I actually found this kinda charming, and kept that charming feeling in mind as I landed upon my chosen world to explore, which held the exciting name of…RT48V12W. Yeah, honestly, I didn’t think the name was very inspiring either, but it kinda makes sense since that’s the kind of uninspiring and bland name astronomers are naming star systems these days, right? RIGHT?

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Space I – We DO Need an…Education…

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Space I Review
The Space I title tcreen

Space, the...Apple game...

Since I had to skip a few games on my list due to not getting them running — or being able to find them — the next game I came across on my list was Space I, a 1978 Apple game made by Edu-Ware Services, Inc. Thanks to an awesome Apple IIe emulator for Windows called AppleWin, I was able to get the game up and running. Hopefully now that I’ll be getting away from BASIC games, I should have more luck getting these things to run.

Since this game is a bit more complex than the previous games, I’m gonna split this up into multiple articles, and likely do that from now on if I feel the game requires it. In this first installment, we’ll look at the building blocks of Space I, creating a character and taking ‘em to school.

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Game Finding Fail :(

The Failship...

The pic says it all...

So for the last several days, I’ve tried to track down a copy of 1973′s Star Trek (Script Game), which is different from the 1971 version I’ve already reviewed. I’ve contacted the author, but he’s not replied yet, so until he does…if he does, I have to skip that game and move onto the next one.

I then found two copies of the BASIC game, Star Trader – upon which later games like Trade Wars are based — and tried to get that game to run. Sadly, neither of them worked in multiple BASIC emulators and compilers after the last couple of evenings of trying various methods. I don’t want to spend TOO much time trying to get a game to work, so sadly, I’m going to move on and skip THAT game as well.

Thankfully, these good folks have made an excellent Apple IIe emulator for Windows, so I’m able to get Edu-Ware’s 1978 space game simply titled, Space I, to work just fine on my machine. Therefore, that will be the next game on my list that I review. I want to thank y’all for your patience, and I should have my first installment soon.


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