Space Sim Pet Peeve – A Lack of Decent Targeting Controls

Grrr Rage!


I love space games — “No, really?” I hear you say — especially spaceship sims like TIE Fighter and Freespace 2. Being in the virtual cockpit of a space fighter is a thrill few other types of games can match, and I’ve played and enjoyed most of the sims I’ve encountered over the years. Sure, there will be one reason or another as to why a space sim doesn’t light my world on fire, like bad enemy AI, a boring story or a useless HUD. There’s one issue that’s come up lately that has shed light on a pet peeve I didn’t even know I had…

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New Space Game to Kickstart – Edge of Space

Edge of Space Concept Art

I Am So Confused Right Now...

Hot on the heels of Starlight Inception’s amazing 11th hour Kickstarter campaign success — they reached their goal with about 25 minutes to spare, if you missed it — we have a new spacey game to throw money at. ;) This time it’s a game called Edge of Space, which looks pretty cool! It looks to be a mixture of space exploration and building, wherein they want “exploration with a purpose”, in terms of building space stations, claiming expanses of space and so on. I know I’m gonna keep an eye — I mean it has spaceships AND mechs AND sharks with rocket launchers, c’mon, how is that NOT awesome? — on it and you should too. Thanks to PlaySF Magazine on Twitter for the tip!


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