Ensign-1 Alphafunding Launches on Desura

Ensign-1 Screenshot

It's a Big Green Thing! KILL IT!

The ambitious looking indie spacey-runny-aroundy game Ensign-1 is now available on Desura for alphafunding. It’s currently selling for $4.99, and it looks pretty cool. It reminds me, from screenshots at least, of the awesome Parkan II, so check it out if you’re interested in a hybrid FPS/space sim. I’ve put it on my list of games to preview, so stay tuned for that. Enjoy!


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“Project Space” Q&A – What Could Have Been, What Might Yet Be…

Project Space Concept Shot

This Would Rock if It Were an Actual Game...

A little while back, I discovered a prototype game called “Project Space” that looked to be a mix of Freelancer and Elite, at least according to that awesome YouTube video anyway. I therefore took it upon myself to contact the folks at the company behind it, Sidhe, to find out more about this sadly canceled game that might again see the light of day if there’s enough interest. Managing Director Mario Wynands got back to me, and was open to doing a Q&A. You can read the results after the cut. Enjoy!

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