Ensign-1 Alphafunding Launches on Desura

The ambitious looking indie spacey-runny-aroundy game Ensign-1 is now available on Desura for alphafunding. It’s currently selling for $4.99, and it looks pretty cool. It reminds me, from screenshots at least, of the awesome Parkan II, so check it out if you’re interested in a hybrid FPS/space sim. I’ve put it on my list of games to […]

“Project Space” Q&A – What Could Have Been, What Might Yet Be…

A little while back, I discovered a prototype game called “Project Space” that looked to be a mix of Freelancer and Elite, at least according to that awesome YouTube video anyway. I therefore took it upon myself to contact the folks at the company behind it, Sidhe, to find out more about this sadly canceled […]