Wayward Terran Frontier

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Wayward Terran Frontier began as a multiplayer space exploration and adventure game, and has morphed into two different products, the original and the single-player Zero Falls, which is where the current focus of development resides.


"You play as a human captain stranded in an uninhabited star system that happens to be full of conflict and mystery. There was a cancelled terraforming project in this system which has left behind an abandoned yet habitable planet and a lot of infrastructure. There are multiple factions which have set up shop in the area for different reasons, for some reason an elite paramilitary organization has been commissioned to protect the abandoned planet, and other groups have moved in to support their efforts and profit off of local resources. Your task, given to you by the AI that woke you up, is to land a ship on the abandoned planet, and it won’t be easy." - From Official Site



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