Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

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The first of the X-Wing or TIE Fighter games that allowed multiplayer.


Multiplayer missions and arena tournaments flying both Rebel and Imperial craft.



Places to Buy

  • GOG
  • Steam
  • Amazon (Base Game - Jewel Case - Physical)
  • Amazon (Base Game - Big Box - Physical)
  • Amazon (Add-on - Physical)
  • Ebay (Base Game & Add-on - Physical)

External Links

Installation Links/Help

  • GameRanger - To play online.
  • Play Old PC Games - This is the link I used to get it to run. It creates a custom installer from both the base game and Balance of Power disks.
  • Saving Content Guide - This includes a patch compilation and guide on how to install the game.
  • Markus Homepage - This includes links for downloads to make custom installers from the game disks, apparently.