Psi-5 Trading Company

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Psi 5 Trading Company is an armed space freighter simulation developed and published by Accolade, released in 1986.


Take command of an armed cargo hauler, shipping goods along pirate-infested trade lanes. You play the caption of the ship, but you need to hire a crew to handle various stations like gunnery, navigation, engineering and so forth.

The candidates you hire have varying skills and personalities, and none of them are perfect. Some are incompetent. Some are weak at some skills. Some can't handle pressure, or ignore orders and make their own decisions when things get hot. Some are competent but have prices on their heads that bring unwanted attention...

As captain, most of your task is to set priorities for your subordinates; what should be scanned first, what should be shot at first, what should be repaired first, and so forth.

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