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* Sector Zero Expansion
* Sector Zero Expansion
** Coming Soon
** [https://www.spacegamejunkie.com/reviews/lets-play-stardrive-2-sector-zero-entry-1-hell/ Let’s Play StarDrive 2: Sector Zero – Entry 1 – What the Hell]
== Podcasts ==
== Podcasts ==

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StarDrive 2 is the sequel to the kickstarted and then seemingly-abandoned StarDrive, therefore there is a lot of emotion surrounding this product. That said, this is a very different game from its original. While the original was real-time, the sequel is turn-based. While the original had a flagship to focus on, the sequel abandons that concept. The sequel has quite a bit to offer even to those horribly disappointed in the original such as myself.


Take control of one of nine customizable races and guide them through to supremacy of the galaxy (I know this could cover almost every 4X game ever, but work with me here).



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