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== Previews ==
== Previews ==
* [http://www.spacegamejunkie.com/previews/lets-preview-polaris-sector-striving-for-a-unique-voice-in-a-chorus/ Let’s Preview Polaris Sector – Striving for a Unique Voice in a Chorus]
* [http://www.spacegamejunkie.com/previews/lets-preview-polaris-sector-striving-for-a-unique-voice-in-a-chorus/ Let’s Preview Polaris Sector – Entry 1 – Striving for a Unique Voice in a Chorus]
== Podcasts ==
== Podcasts ==

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Polaris Sector -- formerly "Galaxia: Remember Tomorrow" and "Remember Tomorrow" -- is a 4X game from the folks at SoftWarWare, and strives to differentiate itself from other 4X games by having more varied diplomacy, a more fluid research system, a more streamlined UI and so on.


Take control of a race and strive to survive and conquer the galaxy through conquest, colonization or scientific advancement.



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