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This is a list of all of the podcasts we've done so far, starting with the most recent and going backwards in reverse chronological order. We'll be updating this list as we make new episodes. Please let us know if there's something you'd like to see for this and other list pages. If you would like to subscribe to the podcast, you can do so via direct RSS feed or iTunes. Enjoy!

Episode Date Title Guest(s) (if any) Game(s) Covered Direct Download
92 01/29/2015 Trek Into Darkness with Into the Stars Ben Jones, Roy Orr, Alden Filion Into the Stars Download
91 01/22/2015 Making a Living as a Sol Trader Chris Parsons Sol Trader Download
90 01/15/2015 A Starry Drive (2) with Daniel DiCicco Daniel DiCicco StarDrive 2 Download
89 01/09/2015 Random Show is Random None Various Download
88 12/25/2014 Wheeling and Dealing None Various Download
87 12/19/2014 Living Elitely and Dangerously Ben, Matt, Wojciech, Carl, Kyle and Hunter Elite: Dangerous Download
86 12/11/2014 Captivated by Capital Ships None Various Download
85 12/04/2014 (Some of) The Brilliant Minds Behind Freespace 2!!!OMG!!! Adam Pletcher, Mike Kulas, Dave Baranec and Jason Scott Freespace 2 Download
84 12/04/2014 A Bridge Commander Too Far None Star Trek: Bridge Commander Download
83 11/27/2014 The Tropiest of Space Game Tropes None Various Download
82 11/20/2014 The Funny Ways to Die in Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls George Hultgren Wayward: Terran Frontier Download
81 11/12/2014 Rebel Freaking Galaxy! Erich Schaefer, Travis Baldree Rebel Galaxy Download
80 11/07/2014 Getting Gratuitous about Space Battlesl Cliff Harris Gratuitous Space Battles, Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Download
79 10/23/2014 We Built this City on Beyond Sol Zachary Beaudoi, Eric Fagnan Beyond Sol Download
78 10/16/2014 Turning 4X on its Ear with Apollo4X Joseph Young Apollo4x Download
77 10/10/2014 Cruising the Cosmos in Cosmonautica Josef Vorbeck Cosmonautica Download
76 10/1/2014 Fondly Remembering Freespace 2 on its Fifteenth Birthday Stefan “Desslock” Janicki, Ian “Goober5000″ Warfield Freespace 2 Download
75 9/23/2014 Beautiful Chaos in Ancient Space Joe Fricano Ancient Space Download
74 9/19/2014 Building Great Gameplay with Reassembly Arthur Danskin Reassembly Download
73 9/10/2014 Star Command: Revolution and Other Frivolities None Star Command: Revolution Download
72 8/22/2014 Experimental Randomness and First Impressions None Various Download
71 8/18/2014 Elite Clones for Your Space Trading Needs None Oolite, Pioneer, FFED3D, Paragon Download
70 8/1/2014 Fawning over Elite: Dangerous None Elite: Dangerous Download
69 7/24/2014 Getting to the Point of Starpoint Gemini 2 Mario Mihokovic Starpoint Gemini 2 Download
68 7/18/2014 Living the Life of an Emperor in Imperia Steve Hawkins Imperia Download
67 7/10/2014 Lamenting X-Wing Alliance None Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Download
66 7/04/2014 Some News, Steam Shame and Marketing None Various Download