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This page is meant as a one-stop shop to get all relevant information for multiplayer gaming for either our weekly multiplayer sessions or for general multiplayer games, which we hope there will be more of. This page includes information for our Mumble voice chat server, contact info for our Evolve VPN and information for our Steam group.

Mumble Server

Mumble is a voice chat client and server which you can read more about on their official site!

You can download Mumble for your OS via the official site or SourceForge.

The Mumble server information is as follows:

  • Server Name – Space Game Junkie Mumble Server
  • Server Address –
  • Port – 7134

Evolve VPN

Evolve is a virtual LAN service that allows everyone within the same "party" to be on the same virtual LAN, allowing theoretically any game that supports TCP/IP LAN play to work for multiplayer. You can read all about it on their official site and see all the games they support (which is incomplete as some games we've tested aren't listed here) on their games page]

Currently their software is at 1.0 (though a 2.0 is in the works, it doesn't support VLAN), and you can download it here. Currently this is only for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

The Evolve information is as follows:

Once you've joined Evolve, send me a friend request, and then once friended, I'll send you an invite to our Party, which is the room we all need to be in to use the same virtual LAN. While Evolve does have voice support, we'll be sticking with Mumble for voice chat regardless.

Steam Gaming

A lot of multiplayer games these days use Steamworks as their backend, so we'll also be playing games via Steam as well. If you'd like to join us, or play games with other members of the group, head here:

To join the group, see which games in the group folks are playing, and post threads inviting folks to play games with you, if you'd like!

Thanks for joining us for our multiplayer gaming!