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This page is meant as a one-stop shop to get all relevant information for multiplayer gaming for either our weekly multiplayer sessions or for general multiplayer games, which we hope there will be more of. This page includes information for our Mumble voice chat server, contact info for our Evolve VPN and information for our Steam group.

Discord Server

Discord is a text and voice chat server that we've begun using in earnest for both. You don't need an app to join, you can use both text and chat in a browser window. We invite you to join our server and join in the fun!

Invite Link -

Steam Gaming

A lot of multiplayer games these days use Steamworks as their backend, so we'll also be playing games via Steam as well. If you'd like to join us, or play games with other members of the group, head here:

To join the group, see which games in the group folks are playing, and post threads inviting folks to play games with you, if you'd like!