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Welcome to the Space Game Junkie Wiki! This page is meant to replace the old, static game list with something more useful and dynamic, including new features like sortable lists of articles, podcasts and so on. This wiki will not only be comprised of a list of all computer-based space game since 1962's SpaceWar!, but each page will also link to relevant articles on Space Game Junkie and elsewhere, such as Wikipedia and Mobygames. The idea is to make this a one-stop shop not only for game information, but to make that information easier to find. This wiki will always be undergoing work and improvement, as it's a massive project. At its start, it'll basically be a simple list of all the games I've learned about in my research, in one big list and then organized by release year, name and so on.

Main Game List (Sortable)

This is the primary list of all released games starting with SpaceWar!.

Primary List of Released Games

Games by Release Year

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Games by Alphabetical Order

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Games Currently In Development

This is a list of games currently known to be in development.

Games in Development