Out There Review – Space is Cold, Heartless and Unforgiving, Just Like This Game! ;)

OMG THAT'S SO CRUEL I want one...


Out There is a mean and cruel game, and I mean that in the best possible way. Combining elements of some of the most cruel games ever made (FTL and Oregon Trail), they’ve created a fascinatingly compelling game in which every move you make is a meaningful decision. By having to manage resources in order to keep your ship habitable, fueled and running smoothly, you have to juggle risk versus reward and every turn. It’s a very compelling and simple design that, in practice, works wonderfully, and I’ve enjoyed every session up to my character’s untimely demise. Along the way you’ll meet aliens, learn new languages, touch alien cubes and much more. Check out my video to get a sampling of the fun gameplay found here, and thanks for watching!

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  1. I have played this game a lot on my Android Nexus tablet. It has been mostly fun although I wish you got to start with a slightly bigger ship. I am not going to watch your video now as I don’t want to dilute the experience of the graphics upgrades and such when the Omega version eventually drops on Android. I sure wish I knew when that drop will actually happen.

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