Impulse Launches More Spacey Deals

So if you’ll recall, I mentioned yesterday that Impulse had some space game deals, notably on Starpoint Gemini and a Dreamcatcher bundle that includes some great games lake Spaceforce Rogue Universe. Well, for their weekend sale, they’ve added a bunch of space games to the list, and some are pretty good! Click below for the […]

So I Accomplished Nothing Today…

So because I’m underemployed, I usually have a decent amount of time to dedicate to this site, and I’m enjoying finding news and working on content immensely. However, because of the theme breaking today, I got absolutely NOTHING done for this site today, and for that, I apologize. I hope to get back on track […]

God Damned Theme…

So the theme I was using, Mantra, had an update today. “Oohhh, yay!” I thought to myself, “This means it should have new features and such!” So I, of course, updated…and found much of my site broken. So now I’m trying to find a replacement for the moment, so please pardon the mess, or if […]

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