AI War 6.000 and Ancient Shadows Released Today!

In a blog post released yesterday, Arcen Games founder Christopher M. Park posted that version 6.000 would be released today for AI War (you can read the massive patch notes here). Also released is the new expansion pack, Ancient Shadows, which adds stuff like champions, new subraces, ships, AI types and more! All very exciting stuff, and one […]

GOG Launches Mac Games, Interplay Bundle

Well GOG has certainly been busy, as they had a conference today to launch a buncha things, many of interest to space gamers. First off, they’re bringing many of their games to the Mac platform, several for the first time! In spacey game goodness, this includes: Wing Commander 1+2 Wing Commander Privateer Starflight 1+2 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!) […]

Star Citizen Launches Kickstarter!

Sorry for the lateness in news, folks, SWAMPED at work today, but I wanted to let y’all know that Star Citizen has also launched a Kickstarter to go along with its own in-house crowdfunding system. This gives folks another option to fund this VERY exciting game, so head over and check it out! Enjoy! Edit: There’s also a […]

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