FYI: No Podcast This Week

Long-time listeners to our podcast might recall than when we started this shindig about a year ago, I was just getting over a cold and coughing a bit into the microphone. Well, guess what? ;) I’ve just come down with a seriously nasty cold, with a horribly hacking cough AND dizzy spells! YAY! Therefore I’ve […]

Drox Operative Now on Steam!!!

Hey guys, FYI, the amazing Drox Operative is now on Steam!!! While this doesn’t appear to include the recent Invasion of the Ancients expansion, that will undoubtedly come soon enough. If you want to learn more about these games, check out the official site or my own video articles (preview, review) on the game. I’ll […]

Let’s Play TIE Fighter – Entry 21 – What a Weird Dang Mission…

This entry is part 21 of 37 in the series: TIE Fighter Review

Hey folks, welcome to the latest installment in my Let’s Play TIE Fighter series. This time we’re in an Assault Gunboat (ugh) on an ESCORT MISSION (double ugh!!) that kinda goes batcrap all over the place. It’s a wacky one, to be sure, and like many missions, I have to fail it before succeeding at […]

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