A Declaration of Love to my H.O.T.A.S.S.

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  1. CMDR Hrdina says:

    Apologies in advance for derailing your thread about the HOTASS to talk about the HOTAS itself, minus the extra S.

    “I plan on going full CH once this Saitek X-45 dies.”

    Awesome. I really love my CH gear, but you’ve probably seen me post that previously either here or at GWJ. That said, you really should try to find a friend that has it and give it a try first. Everyone seems to prefer the feel & button layout of different systems.

    One of the best things about having a full CH setup is that you can use the CH Control Manager software to merge all your controllers into a single virtual controller and program all the functions. For some games (like E:D from what I’ve read), this is almost necessary as the games don’t like to have so many separate controllers.

    Also, make sure you check out the CH Hanger (http://www.ch-hangar.com/forum/), which is inhabited a few CH veterans. It is not an official site, although CH employees do use the forum.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey man, good to see ya. To address your concern, I had a ganeport version of the flightstick/fighterstick years ago and loved it. I’ve also had hands on time with the throttle, so I’m already aware I’ll love it. ;) The software tip is veeeeery handy though, especially for E:D. Thanks!!

      • CMDR Hrdina says:

        Glad to hear that you’ve already taken the kit for a test drive.

        If you ever do get it, post on GWJ because a few of us there can help you with our bindings & programming for E: D.

  2. Akin says:

    Did you ever have any luck getting hold of that guy who was selling the blueprints a few years back?

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Sigh, I did and….they’re not the instructions on how to make the unit. They’re instructions on how to assemble an existing unit, so they’re kiiiinda useless. I have them if you need them though, but I was kinda crushed when I saw them. :(

      • Akin says:

        Argh. What scum. He specifically said they were the instructions to make them, if I recall…

        Well, if there are any skilled woodworkers out there who could reverse engineer yours… *hopeful*

  3. Fugazi says:

    I use this for my HOTAS setup:

    No more issues with the stick being too high like it was on the desk I used before.
    Elite: Dangerous is fantastic with HOTAS controls.

  4. Ok gentlemen I read ur reviews and undid make a set of prints and the hardware to build a unit urself. It was not instructions on how to put it together. Brian I remember u what a good review u gave us. Me and my partner have gone different directions and stopped doing wood work. I don’t have any of the old parts left after 9/11 the bottom fell out of the company and we just wanted to get rid of left over pRt so I put together the kit after they were gone that was the end of Fightersyatems. If u want to contact me my email is rwilson@rdwtechnologies.com
    Rick Wilson
    Hey Brian thanks again for the nice review ..

  5. David Dominiecki says:

    I purchased the HOTASS back in 1999. I still have it still use it and still love it! I would love the plans to add the RPI to it.
    Rick could sell the plans for like 5 bucks and make some money.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      It’s the best isn’t it?! The sad thing I don’t think he actually has the plans anymore. Ugh. :(

  6. Rick Wilson says:

    Hey Brian this is Rick from FighterSystems are u still out there? Hey I do have the plans now I got them from Rob a couple of years ago .. I have them with me now. If anyone needs plans for a Hotass I can set them up. Contact me at rickwilson@rdwtechnologies.com

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