Massive Atari Games Sale on GOG!

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Amazing Sale on GOG!

The wonderful folks at GOG is having another Atari All Stars sale — which is always awesome — and this includes a bunch of spacey games, including:

  • Master of Orion 1+2 for $2.39
  • Master of Orion 3 for $3.99
  • Star Control 1+2 for $2.39
  • Star Control 3 for $2.39
  • Independence War Deluxe for $2.39
  • Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos for $2.39

These prices are freaking STEALS for most of these games (except the ones that end in 3, those are questionable ;), so if you don’t have any of these and consider yourself a space game fan, get ’em now! ;)

Other non-space games that are amazing on this sale include Master of MagicTotal Annihilation, the first two Rollercoaster Tycoon games and many more. Go check it out, and enjoy!

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2 Responses

  1. bryanhbell says:

    It’s worth noting that none of the games that Brian highlighted are currently available on Steam. I rarely venture far away from Steam myself, except for games not available there. When I do look elsewhere, GOG is the first place I check. So I did to pick up Master Of Orion 1 & 2 from them.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      As much as I love Steam — and I really, really love it — GOG is my all-time favorite due to their lack of DRM and their awesome extras like soundtracks and wallpaper. :) Love ’em so.

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