Waiting is the Hardest Part – Daily Dispatch for 9/20/18

Opening/Random Thoughts When it’s the proposed release day for a game you’re really excited about, you keep Steam open in a tab, refreshing the new releases page until it pops up. No, I’m not talking about Star Control: Origins, that already came out and I already own it. No, my friends, I’m talking about LOGistICAL 2:… Read More »

SGJ Podcast #261 – Starflight 3

Welcome to this week’s podcast my friends! This week, Jim, Spaz and I sit down with the Founder and Head of HumaNature Studios, Greg Johnson, and Project Lead for Starflight 3, Anthony Vaughn, to talk Starflight (and other things I guess)!!!! Greg Johnson was the lead on both original Starflight games, so for someone like me… Read More »

Coming Down Off a High – Daily Dispatch for 9/19/18

Opening/Random Thoughts Doing this thing called Space Game Junkie has had a lot of high moments for me. From building an amazing community to discovering wonderful new games to talking to folks behind some of my favorite games, such as Freespace 2 or Klingon Academy. Last night was another high point, as I got to talk… Read More »

A Bug of a Thing – Daily Dispatch for 9/18/18

Opening/Random Thoughts Hey friends, happy Tuesday! Sorry I didn’t write one of these yesterday, but I seem to have gotten hit with some sort of weird bug. It’s a mix of food poisoning and flu symptoms, but like, the mildest version of both, so it’s not debilitating as much as it is just super annoying.… Read More »