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FTL: The Game Makes a Big Resurgence

So y’all might recall this little spacey rogue-type game I mentioned a few months ago called FTL: The Game. It was up for an IGF award at the time, so no one was really able to play it but the judges, which kinda made me sad, but I signed up for further updates. Well, yesterday… Read More »

Distant Worlds – Legends: The Voyage Begins

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series: Distant Worlds - Legends Review

This look at Distant Worlds – Legends is going to be a tad different, at least in the beginning. While reading the manual, it was stated that one could play as a starship captain by automating everything except for one ship…so that’s exactly what I’m doing. Playing the latest version of the game with the beta… Read More »