Month: February 2012

Nexus Conflict Announced – New MMOG Set in Black Prophecy Universe

A new capital-ship-based combat game that takes place in the same universe as Black Prophecy has been announced, called Nexus Conflict. This game — which is browser based using the Unity engine — apparently takes place in the “nexus” reaches of space, where two universes are colliding, which leads to large scale PvP and PvE conflict. Features include […]

Distant Worlds – Legends: The Voyage Begins

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series: Distant Worlds - Legends Review

This look at Distant Worlds – Legends is going to be a tad different, at least in the beginning. While reading the manual, it was stated that one could play as a starship captain by automating everything except for one ship…so that’s exactly what I’m doing. Playing the latest version of the game with the beta […]

Miscellany: Slight Rules Change

About a month ago, I got an email totally out of the blue from Rich over at Digital Eeel Games. He told me I “really must play Weird Worlds“, the sequel to the excellent Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (which you can now download for free, by the way). If you’re unaware, these games play like […]

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