SJG Podcast #53: A Look Back at Where They Are Now…

Captain! We're Being Followed!

Captain! We’re Being Followed!

Hey folks, welcome to the latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I take a look back at the games we’ve covered on the podcast and basically ask, “Where are they now?”. In some cases, the games we’ve looked at have come a long way, but in some cases, sadly not so much. Join us as Jim and I take a look back and see how these games are doing…

As always, we welcome your comments below and your letters at! Thanks for listening/watching, and enjoy! :)

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Spacey Game News and Deals 10/10/13: Busy News Day!

Stack of Newspapers

It Just Keeps Stacking Up…

Hey folks, how are y’all! I hope y’all are having a fabulous day! I’m still half asleep my own self, but I’m getting by. Thankfully I have some time and energy to do news today, so let’s hop to it:

  • Star Citizen – Later today, at 6:30 PM Central Time, there will be a livestream of Citizen Con from Austin, Texas, in which Chris Roberts and his team will lay out what’s been done for the game and what’s coming next. I hope they archive it because I’ll be in my car at that point. ;)
  • Space Rangers HD – The release date for this exciting new installment in the beloved Space Rangers series is due next week, on 10/17, and you can read all about it on Blue’s since I can’t link to the actual press release on Games Press (which is behind a login wall). Can’t wait!
  • Elite: Dangerous – According to a story on Develop, this game will be getting Oculus Rift support! Man I’m gonna need to get me one of these…
  • PULSAR: Lost Colony – The devs have added a new $40 reward tier that gets you an art book and the opportunity to name a random galaxy.
  • The Mandate – Via a Kickstarter update, the devs have created a page on the dynamics of crewmanship and a page on the game’s music. They also now have forums for you to use.
  • Star Conflict – There’s a new dev blog detailing some features in the latest version of the game such as an improved H.U.D. and matchmaking balancing. The game will also be streamed on DigestNet tomorrow at 21:00 Moscow time.
  • Wayward: Terran Frontier – The official site has a teensy tiny little status update.
  • Ring Runner – There’s a new patch on the way, and you can read all about it on their Facebook page.
  • X Rebirth – Now on Steam, you can order the collector’s edition of the game along with the regular version. The collector’s edition includes two soundtracks, and video and other bonuses.
  • Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager – There’s a beefy dev update on the Matrix forums with lots of awesome info.
  • Wing Commander – The Concordia Hangar that Howard Day has been working on now also has a Sabre fighter. It’s pretty awesome, so check it out!
  • Star Trek Online – There’s another dev blog on the Avenger-class cruiser, which is now for sale apparently.
  • EVE Online – CCP is now offering their own new player training sessions, which is damned awesome of them. The Mittani also has word of FIVE supercarriers going down within a couple of days. Craaaaaaazy.
  • Escaping Titan – The Broken Crown folks have a new website, go check it out!
  • Star Strike – This wasn’t a computer game, per se, but Old Game Magazines has an awesome old ad for it nonetheless.

Now there is one deal today. StarDrive is Steam’s daily deal, going for $10.19. While many, including myself, feel the game is still incomplete, the developer apparently feels it can “can stand on its own two legs” according to this interview, and is already eying moving onto another game in the series, so whether this is a deal is up to you. ;)

That’s it for today folks, have a good one!


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SGJ Podcast #12: A Potpourri of Pew Pew

So! Much! Color!

So! Much! Color!

Haaaaaaaaayyyy guuuuuuuuys, how are ya? Sorry for the delay in this week’s podcast episode, but Jim and I were both busier than usual this week with the real life nonsense. That said, we had no guest this past week, so we just caught up on what we’ve been playing, the news and all sorts of other stuff. It was a fun time, so we hope you enjoy it.

As always, please feel free to comment on the podcast below (I’m not creating specific forum threads anymore, no one uses ‘em ;) and follow us using RSS and/or iTunes. Thanks for listening!

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Space Game News and Deals 4/18-22/13: The Owwie Edition

News Brick


Hellooooo everyone, and welcome to Monday! I’m off today on account of getting a tooth removed, so I’m writing part of this before I leave for my little operation. I’ll write the rest when I get back, likely on drugs, to add to the entertainment. ;) Sorry for the lack of news later last week, the week totally got away from me. That said, let’s get into some newwwwwws bitches! ;)

But wait, there’s more, we also have some deals to gawk at!!

Finally, the dev of Lex Laser Saves the Galaxy, Again asked me to pimp his game on Kickstarter, so here ya go, and you can see some lovely concept ship art by Philipp Erkinger at the Concept Ships blog.

That’s it folks, now I’m gonna go crawl into a ball and hope this pain goes away soon. ;) Have a great day!

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SGJ Podcast #05: Interview with Broken Crown Games

Titan Doesn't Look So Bad...

Titan Doesn’t Look So Bad…

Hey folks, sorry for the lateness of this week’s podcast. CRAZY week. That being said, this week Jim and I sat down with Asa Gillette, Chris Cheng and Tyler Yohe from Broken Crown Games about their Escaping Titan sourcebook Kickstarter, the game itself, and bunch of other random nonsense. ;)

We hope you enjoy it, and as always, and feel free to leave any comments or questions below or in the forum. Sorry for the shortness of this post, but I have to get back to doing all this work. Also, there are some more adult-oriented themes at the end of this one, so if you have kids in the room, be careful (the convo got a bit wonky, but hopefully funny). ;) Enjoy!
Scant Show Notes This Way!


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Space Game News and Deals 3/13-19/13: Serious Ketchup Needed

Stack of Newspapers


Helllloooo everyone! SOOO SORRY I’ve been lax on posting the news, but I’ve been just SO busy and SO tired I’ve barely had a break for anything else. In fact, that TIE Fighter video below was pretty much all I’ve had energy for recently until now, thankfully. I’m finally feeling more awake and human, and need to get both you folks AND myself informed as to the latest spacey gamey stuff going on, so let’s dive in, it’s pretty deep.

Next up, SolCommand has some lovely models for your game creation usage, this time of a Giza Pyramid ship, a Dyn shield emitter, a Kurat Command Ship and some futuristic towers. Finally (OMG I KNOW), the Concept Ships blog has lovely art from rd7, Colin Foran and Jon McCoy.

WHEW! I need a nap! Have a good one folks, and I’ll try to make these more regular in the coming week, but don’t be surprised if I miss a day or two, as I’m just swamped. :/ Thanks for visiting and reading, as always, and have a great day!

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