Spacey Gamey Newsies & Dealsies 4/11-17/13: The Freaking Finally Edition

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Helllllloooooo my wonderful awesome friends! I’m back! I think! *checks* Yes, I’m back! Sorry for the lack of news posts, got surprisingly busy all over the place and just didn’t have the time. I do now though, yay! There’s a lot to go over, so let’s dive in, it’s all warm and stuff! ;)

We’re not done yet folks! We have DEALS too!! Let’s do this!

FINALLY, the folks at Arcen games (who made the aforementioned AI War) have announced a new game called Skyward Collapse, which looks awesome.

That’s it! Have a great day folks!


  1. Sledge Hammer says

    Some other news of today: “Battle Worlds: Kronos” and “Planet Explorers” are Greenlit!

    • Brian RubinBrian Rubin says

      Sigh, I know, but this’d be one I’d actually play multiplayer, and I’m not a fan of multiplayer at all.

  2. insolent says

    Brian, you are so good at reporting space game news, you know that? Without you, I’d never have the time or gumption to collect all this news myself. Good on ya, mate!

    • Brian RubinBrian Rubin says

      Hey, thanks man, I figure it’s a three-pronged benefit. It informs you guys of what’s going on, it keeps me in the know as well, and it gets eyes on folks’ games, so it’s a win-win-win, and I’m happy to do it. :)

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