Spacey Game News and Deals 7/2/13: The Little-Bit-of-This-Little-Bit-of-That Edition

Folded Newspapers

Light News Day…

Hellllllloooooo my friends, and happy Tuesday! Lookit, two days of news in a row! Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?! Ahknowrite? Seriously, it’s been good to breathe, you know? Get some air and have some time and energy to do these news thingamajigs. :) There’s not a ton today, but there’s some good stuff, so let’s dive in!

Speaking of purchase, there are some other deals worth mentioning, such as:

That’s it folks. Have an awesome day!


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  1. says

    Hi Brian,

    you might want to mention that Horizon on Steam is early access and looks like it is still alpha.

  2. vyshka says

    I must be blind then. I swear when I read it only said it was available on Steam. I guess it is time for an eye exam :)

    • Brian RubinBrian Rubin says

      Oh, sorry, I got confused because there was a deal link that said the same thing, which is what I thought you were referring to. I got caught up in something after I changed it and forgot to return to thank you for catching that. ;)


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