Elite: Dangerous Shoots Down its Offline Mode

You'll Need an Internet Connection to Enjoy This.

A few days ago, in their most recent newsletter, the folks at Frontier basically announced they’re killing the offline portion of Elite: Dangerous. This means even if you want to play the game solely with AI pilots, you still need an online connection (If you want more coverage, PC Gamer and Eurogamer are great bets). Now, to […]

Down to Earth: Roguelikes

Rogue, the Game That Started it All...

There are times in life wherein I just don’t have as much time to put into gaming as I’d like, so I try to fit it in when I can. You might’ve noticed that this site’s been a bit…light on content lately, and all I can do is get in gaming in the moments where I […]

Spacing Out: Unlearning What I’ve Poorly Learned?


On one of the forums I frequent called Broken Forum, there was a thread entitled, “Embarrassing Gaming Weaknesses” in which forum members described their biggest weaknesses or flaws in their gaming lives. This got me to thinking on what my biggest weakness was, and after some thought I posted this: As much as I love […]

State of the Blog: August, 2013

I’ve been meaning to do one of these posts for a short spell now, but neither had the time, energy or inspiration. Then, “It’s Your Thing” by the Isley Brothers came on Pandora and reminded me, “Hey, this blog is my thing.” :) I also barely even noticed that, on 8/15/13, this blog turned two […]

Spacing Out: Crawling Out of a Gaming Funk

Yay, I felt inspired to write something! ;) So for the past, say, month or so, I’ve fallen into something of a gaming funk. Not sure why or how, but it’s just been this sort of…malaise. Like, I don’t want to seriously play anything, and even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to play. […]