Skyjacker’s Kickstarter is Getting Down to the Wire

As I write this, Skyjacker’s Kickstarter campaign has fifty-six hours left, and is only a teeny bit above fifty percent of their goal. This looks like an awesome game folks, so if you can back it, please do. I mean, these guys are awesome (as evidenced in my VERY thorough Q&A with them), but they’re […]

Off Topic: Life Slowing Me Down

I dunno if y’all have been wondering where I’ve been, but you might’ve noticed I’ve been slack on answering emails, comments, making new posts and so on. This is because life is CRAAAAAAAAAZY right now, for two main reasons: I’ve been moved to a new role at my job, which I love a loooooooot more, […]

Spacey Snippets – 7/17/12

Hello my friends, how have you been? Me? I’ve been busy, exhausted and lacking in a bit of motivation, mostly due to the busy and exhausted bit. Dammit though, lots of news has happened, so out of my love for you guys, I need to keep y’all informed, right? :) Therefore, here’s just the TON […]

Steam Summer Sale Incoming!!

Hey y’all, it looks like Steam is gearing up for its bit summer sale, and while it’s not begun yet, word has leaked of SEVERAL bundles relevant to space game fans. These include: 1C Collection Pack – Definitely will have Space Rangers, no idea about Star Wolves. Gratuitous Battle Pack – Will have Gratuitous Space Battles of course. […]

New AI War Expansion Announced: Ancient Shadows

Thanks to Strangeblades on Gamers with Jobs for this tip! Apparently over on the Arcen Games News blog, they’ve surprised everyone with the announcement of a new expansion for AI War. Entitled Ancient Shadows, according to the small Q&A on the blog post, this $4.99 expansion to be released in October will focus on the existing alien races […]

Distant Worlds: The Price Conundrum (Polls Included!)

On several forums I frequent, including Matrix Games’ own forum, there has been more and more discussion about Distant Worlds, namely its current pricing model. Basically, if you want the original Distant Worlds, as well as its two expansions, The Return of the Shakturi and Legends, you need to fork over around $90 ($39.99+$24.99+$24.99, respectfully) for what is considered the “complete […]